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Feuerkreis Austria

Course of ceremony

8/24 (wednesday), 3 pm:

8/25 (thursday) sunrise, ca. 7 am:
Opening of the Ceremony

Before sunrise the fireman will light the holy fire at the sweatlodge area. The first sweatlogdes will take place. Some of the red fire will be taken from the fire of the sweatlodges, to inflame the fire within the Kiva. The ceremony is opened with this.  Everybody who wants this may put his/her ceremonial tools upon the altar in the west in a beautiful common happening. Your holy stuff will be filled with spiritual energies. (Please note, that your force item will stay there until saturday. Then you can take it out again.)

From now on the Kiva will be visited only by the elders. After some workshops and theachings, and before sunset the Kiva-Ceremony will take place again. The day will be ended with sweatlodges in the evening. The holy fire will burn during these four days and nights. Daily chosen keepers of the Kiva will take care of it.

8/26 and 8/27 (friday and saturday) morning until evening:

Each morning and evening the elders will pray in the Kiva. With prayers and chants all participants will connect with the elders during their ceremonial acting. From heart to heart :) (We will translate between german, english and spanish.) The ceremonial drum will be played while the spiritual work of the elders is done. In the morning and in the evening sweatlodge ceremonies take place. Everybody is heartfully invited to participate in these Temazcales (sweatlodges).

Daily Schedule
  • Each morning ~ 7 o’clock: sweatlodges
  • Breakfast: starts during the sweatlodges and runs simultaneously to the Kiva ceremony
  • ~ 9 to 11: ceremony in the Kiva
  • Lunch, workshops, teachings, program for our kids
  • ~ 19 o’clock: ceremony in the Kiva
  • Sweatlodges (sunset)
  • Dinner: runs simultaneously to the Kiva ceremony

8/28 (sunday):
Finish of the ceremony
until 7 pm: departure

This morning (after the sweatlodge ceremonies) the elders will be the last time in the Kiva. After this last ceremony you may go into the Kiva and take your ceremonial objects with you. After a final celebration we ask all participants to start their journey way back home until 19 o’clock. Thank you!

Enjoy a wonderful time inmidst of lovely people during these days!

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