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Feuerkreis Austria

Infos and contribution

Roots of the Earth 24-28 August, 2016

Further information will be released here, on Facebook and/or on our European Website.

The 4-days-contribution offers you:
* participation at all Kiva-Ceremonies with the Elders
* and all sweatlodges (in the morning and in the evening)
* and all workshops/teachings
* three daily meals (vegetarian/vegan, bio, regional)
* overnight stay at the camp

Your contribution finances cost-covering:
* journey of elders from around the world
* creation/preservation of the Kiva
* firewood
* food
* infrastructure (location, toilets, showers)


Your application will help us to be best organized, especially with the calculation of the food amounts during the four days.

The full constibution will be covering the costs of the ceremony!

Roots of the Earth is beeing organised by private persons and on a non-profit basis. This community-ceremony arises from our united financial, collaborative and spiritual forces.


   Roots of the Earth