Wurzeln der Erde

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Feuerkreis Austria

Wise Elders

Those who carry traditional knowledge and who share with us their teachings, crafts and prayer for Mother Earth.


Heriberto Tecolozintli Villasenor
Leader of the ceremony „Roots of the Earth”, Co-founder of the ceremony in Mexico. Raymundo Tigre Perez did pass on the fire for the leading of this ritual to Heriberto “honourable owl” Villasenor a short time before his death. Sundancer in Big Mountain, leader of visionquests in Mexico, Chile and Austria. Father of eight children.


Nubia Rodriguez
acts from her deeply loving source as a doula and midwife and is herself mother of eight children. Together with her husband Heriberto she walks the red path and has been travelling in this spirit for decades, in order to bring awareness in the world – about our divine being in relation with nature and all that is. Her diverse life experience makes Nubia a great listener of clear mind and an inspiring guide.


We are deeply grateful for all the elders who had been sharing their songs, prayers, stories, dances and crafts the past four years. For all our relations!



James Robideau Wicahpi Wicasa
Lakota elder, Sun dancer since three decades, Chairman of the Dakota youth project. James Robideau also is one of the founding members of the American Indian Movement and fought as a warrior at the side of Leonard Crow dog for the rights of native Americans in the occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973. Ceremonies-Chief, who has devoted his life to the support of native people and their tribes, for survival in a multicultural society.


Marakame Alfonso Gonzales
as Marakame Wixáritari he is representative of the people of Venado Azul. Alfonso is elder and connoisseur of sacred cycles and wisdom according to the traditions of the Huichol. He is pilgrim from the desert Wirikuta. Alfonso is accompanied by his son Balam.

Maria & Pedro

María Faviana Cochoy Alva &
Pedro Celestino Yac Noj

Mariá Faviana Cochoy Alva and Pedro Celestino Yac Noj belong to the people of Utlatlán, in direct lineage from the Maya Quiché. Spiritual representatives and “narrators of time”. Carriers of the ancient message of the holy Maya-calendar including its true meaning for things going on in world and time nowadays.' 

Machi Christian

Christian Collipal
Machi = spiritual authority oft he Mapuche people. Sower oft he people of Madera del Cerro Ñielol, representative of the community of Panguipulli. Machi in various ceremonies including the Nguillatún of Cerro Calán. Christian is accompanied by his mother Maria.


Oshun de Bellay
(USA, France)
As ceremonial priestess, healer, and spiritual mentor Oshun integrates indigenous teachings of her Native American and African elders and western mysticism, providing a bridge to all wisdom traditions. Oshun was ordained as a Priestess in the Gnostic Sanctuary of the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene in 2003 and celebrates the ritual of The Bridal Chamber, according to this lineage which dates back to the first century. Ordination into this ancient Order aligns with her great passion – the body of wisdom teachings of the Primordial Feminine Principle and the mystical union within all life. Oshun is accompanied by Isabel and her granddaughter.

Claudia &  Dusty

Claudia & Dusty Miller XIV.
Dusty Miller XIV. belongs to the indigenous people of the Elfin (original inhabitants of Great Britain since 10.000 years) He works especially with Dryads (treespirits) and is the heir of the tradition and knowledge of the Dusties (familyclan) about livewood. With livewood one can communicate and work everywhere with the specific treespirits.

Claudia Miller is Priestess of the goddess. After a four year lasting apprenticeship Claudia Miller was initiated as priestess by Jên Miller in the year of 2006. Since then she is authorized to lead the ritual of the reconsecration of the womb. Pipekeeper in the tradition of Sun Bear (Beartribe). With her husband Dusty Miller XIV. she leads seminars to get in contact with treespirits – the dryads.


Laila Spik
Laila Spik is a wonderful messenger of the Saami culture either in Sweden and international. Her rich knowledge about the Saami way of life is a heritage of her parents Jovva and Anna Maria Spik. Everthing in daily life of the Saami people is part of their cultural wisdom, therefore Laila´s treasure of knowledge is truly broad. Laila Spik has received many awards for her precious work. She is accompanied by Carl Eric.

Ulrike und Hazy

Ulrike Weiland & Johann Hazy Albrecht

Ulrike Weiland (Germany):
Historian of art and practitioner of medicine - specific psychotherapy, sundancer, mastress of ceremony, leader of rituals, netweaver. Initiated upon the “Red Path” (Blackfoot-Pikunni), Founder of the „Lebenstanz“(dance for life), a spiritual summercamp near Berlin, where people do experience closeness with Mother Earth through cermemony, sweatlodge and heartful life in community.

Johann Albrecht known as Hazy (Austria):
Born and raised in Waldviertel, he found his mission as a gardener by having been intuitively connected to plants and stones for 30 years. As austrian „Waldschratt“ he goes for the revitalization and healing of the ancient celtic cult places in Austria and Germany. Together with Ulrike he supports the Ceremony of Sun-Moon-Stars, a medicine wheel and dance ritual in Berlin/Germany. Hazy and Ulrike got to know each other at the first Roots of the Earth Ceremony in Europe – since then Hazy is Ulrikes spiritual second half and accompanies her prayers in the Kiva.


Peter "Altair" Trummer
Peter has been walking his spiritual path for more than 20 years along the ancient Celtic knowledge. With his down-to-earth composure and playful profundity the modern Druid and philosopher easily touches one’s heart. Throughout his life Peter has undergone a profound transformation, which led the nature-loving traveller to his spiritual work as Celtic shaman (Druid). He works with Runes and astrology, as well as accompanies rituals (such as weddings, blessings, namings) and personal processes.


Zoltan Solyomfi Nagy
Zoltan is a Hungarian shaman (hungarian expression= taltos). Initiation as shaman was lead by Hungarian masters. He experienced several years of teachings in Lakota medicine in Northern America but also in Hungary. He is not only leader of ceremonies and sweatlodges, but also musician, poet, drum and rattle maker. Knows a lot about Hungarian folkculture. (dance and music) Zoltan is accompanied by Majercsik János Oguz.


Erdenebaatar Orgil und
Chinzorig Ganbaatar




Sabine Padma Bacher
„Blume, die auf dem Wasser schwimmt“

Carrying the Chanupa, dreaming, creating mandalas and leading sweatlodges Sabine Padma has been walking her spiritual path for 27 years, which was shaped especially by the shamanic traditions of the Lakota. Her most important teacher on the red path was Archie Fire Lame Deer, later she got to know Sonia Emilia Rainbow Woman and a new way of lovingly interweaving different spiritual paths. Her name „Flower, floating on the water“ she received from Archie in one of her vision dreams. Close to Sabine’s heart is the re-connection with sacred places of spiritual power and all living creations of nature in one’s own environment, as well as emphasising a self-consciousness of being a lovingly giving Native, „being born here“. As elders of the austrian Raices-Family Heriberto invited Sabine and Georg to the Kiva.


Georg Bacher „der die Erde berührt“
To his first sweatlodge George came coincidentally by hitchhiking, 30 years ago. Taking his entire small farm with him, he spent three weeks with his teacher Dark Lightening Deer of the tradition Cheyenne, from whose shamanic and ritual knowledge he has drawn mostly until today. His name „who touches the Earth“ Georg received from Dark Lightening in one of his vision dreams. Later he also got to know Archie Fire Lame Deer. By leading sweatlodges of dreamers and telling stories, it is close to Georg’s heart bringing harmony to the relation between human and nature. The examination of magic, sexuality and plants of the Gods allowed him to recognise his task in learning from the Old in order to create a new understanding and practice of rituals. Carried by the awareness of everything being already there in the right place, Georg acts through his visionary and earthy power as a motor for the realisation of the Kiva Ceremony in Europe. As elders of the austrian Raices-Family Heriberto invited Georg and Sabine to the Kiva.


Susanne Fischer-Rizzi – Guest of honour
In Germany, Susanne is considered a specialist of Phytotherapy and pioneer of Aromatherapy. A love of nature supports her work, which is dedicated to strengthen the bond between humans, animals and plants. With Susanne’s comprehensive, ancient knowledge of local herbs and medical plants she has a hand in providing nature’s gifts for healthiness and great harmony. Her treasure trove of experience thereby reaches from one cardinal direction to the other – from ayurvedic and tibetan herbology to indigenous botany of North America. Susanne’s primal concern is to reconnect people in Europe with their ancient roots and to learn about the rich, shamanic heritage of this continent. Susanne is accompanied by Julie Langhorne (4 Elements Earth Education, California)

In the past years since 2012 several Elders have been celebrating with us in the first Kiva of Europe. Thank you!

   Roots of the Earth