Wurzeln der Erde

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Feuerkreis Austria


The ceremony itself finds its origin in the vision of Raymundo Tigre Perez, a Mexican medicinman, with connection to the spiritual knowledge of the Lakota nation, teached to him by Henry Crow Dog. Tigre Perez himself was born to the Mexican tradition of the Purepecha. As a living bridge he united people of all cultures during his lifetime under the blessing of his personal vision:

During the powerful ritual of his visionquest, medicinman Tigre Perez was given a vision: He saw a dark skinned woman - she symbolizes the Earth Mother - crying. As her human children started to pray and dance, to sing and be happy in a room called “Kiva”, a large wave of energy emerged out of it, wrapped around the earth and healed everything with its vibrant energy.

The beneficiaries of the holy fire of Tigre Perez celebrate this holy ritual on different places in the USA, Mexico and Chile since 25 years.

Tigre Perez

Tigre Perez - Founder of
"Roots of the Earth"

History Austria:

Since 2008 Temazcal-sweatlogde ceremonies and since 2009 visionquest with Heriberto Tecolozintli Villasenor und Don Mateo connected with Raices de la Tierra take place in Austria. Through and with this constant medicinework, selfhealing, heartopening and earthhealing our community Feuerkreis Raices Austria keeps constantly growing. We understand ourselves as part of a developing global family.

   Roots of the Earth