Wurzeln der Erde

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Feuerkreis Austria


We, the Feuerkreis Raices Austria – aswell as the people around Raices de la Tierra in Mexico and Chile – follow the idea, to bring in exchange cultural and spiritual traditions and to revive old knowledge buried for a long time. What unites these traditions is their deep connection with and their roots in Mother Nature.

Most important in this is, to live in respectful and peaceful coexistence different kinds of relationships between human beings, traditions aswell as between people and nature, so this may grow.

Up to us as “Feuerkreis” (firecircle) and of “Raices de la tierra” is to preserve, to support and to cooperate in drawing exchange the ancient cultural heritage of European and American ancestors. We are working to maintain and strengthen our roots of humanity and our love for nature.

“Roots of the earth – Raices de la tierra – Wurzeln der Erde” is a ceremony to strengthen and heal our loving connection with our Earth Mother. We experience our earthly and spiritual roots in nature and through community. We find ourselves in this and grow softly into a feeling of unity with all being.

Keepers of wisdom, so called grandmothers and grandfathers from different continents and traditions, unite in a common ritual for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. For four days they enter the Kiva every morning and evening, to pray, sing and dance true to their tradition. The Kiva is a circular space, digged into the womb of Mother Earth and is the sacred center of the ceremony we should approach in a careful manner. The prayers of the elders are supported and carried by the healing experience of peaceful community lived in solidarity.

Wurzeln der Erde*Roots of the Earth*Raices de la Tierra will take place for 4 years in Wachtberg/ Tautendorf near Gars am Kamp. It started in 2012.

We invite you, to get to know the fire of the “Roots of the Earth” ceremony and the people, who lead and perform this ceremony also in Mexico and Chile.

Our concerns:

1. Create a meeting platform between the spiritual representatives of indigenous peoples, heirs to ancient tradition, on the level of cooperation and mutual respect.

2. Offer a space for community life trying (respect for diversity, the feeling of interdependence and solidarity between people, balanced relationship with nature, etc.).

3. Conveying a mindful awareness of culture and traditions of the indigenous people and bearers of ancient knowledge in the context of globalization. Thus, both, old as new knowledge may speak, old and new forms of (art) craft can be learned and old customs may be revived as well as new community-building rituals may be formed.

4. Open our hearts :)

   Roots of the Earth